What is Happy Ocean Foods?

Happy Ocean Foods brings the ecological balance back into the oceans by developing and selling plant-based fish and seafood that is tasthy, healthy and sustainable.

What are the current Happy Ocean Foods products?

Our first product is a plant-based shrimp. But we plan to launch more products like plant-based salmon or tuna.

Does the Happy Ocean Foods shrimp taste like a real shrimp?

Our brand develops plant-based fish and seafood that is very authentic in taste, texture and appearance. Our shrimp is not a 100 per cent copy, but it really is rich in taste and has a fibrous texture similar to a real shrimp. You cannot compare our shrimp to a boring veggie alternative. We put a lot of time and effort into the development to give you a great eating experience.

Which are the ingredients you mainly use in your plant-based shrimp?

We mainly use algae, soy protein, agave syrup and sea salt. Our ingredients are high quality and sustainable sourced. Especially the soy is regionally sourced and does not affect the rain forest at all.

Why do you have soy in your plant-based shrimp?

Soy is a common protein source in vegan and vegetarian foods. Not only in new meat and fish alternatives – soy has been around for a long time, especially in the Asian cuisine.
Debunking some myths:
1) Is soy unhealthy?
Recent studies suggest that soy has a neutral or even positive effect on our health. Especially if you consume soy instead of red and processed meat. Soy is rich in protein and healthy fats, secondary plant compounds, vitamins and minerals.
2) Is soy destroying the rainforest?
Indeed, large areas of the rainforest were destroyed due to massive soy production. But around 80 per cent of the soy is used for animal food of industrial livestock farming. The soy that is used in soy milk, tofu and other vegetarian and vegan alternatives here stems largely from Europe.
3) Is soy always GMO?
The food regulations in Europe are very strict about GMO, that’s why you can be sure that you don´t consume genetically manipulated organisms, when eating soy.

How do I prepare a Happy Ocean Foods shrimp?

You can cook it like a real shrimp. It is important to sear it quickly and then roast it gently in a pan. You should add some olive oil, garlic, salt & pepper and your favourite type of herbs.

Is the Happy Ocean Foods shrimp certified organic?

We are not sure about this yet. Our intention is to use only organic products. But we developed a complicated method to produce our shrimp. In this process it is not easy to meet the strict organic guidelines in every step. Besides, the price of our shrimp will increase and it also depends on you, if you are willing to pay for a higher, organic price.

Where can I buy a Happy Ocean Foods shrimp?

We have not launched yet, but we plan to be available in a few selected German restaurant chains from fall 2021 on. Moreover, we plan to enter the retail in the beginning of 2022.

Why does the world need a plant-based alternative that replicates a real shrimp?

This is probably the number one question of die-hard meat eaters.

We know how hard it is to change the mindset and eating habits of people. We want to make it easy for people to reduce the amount of fish and seafood they eat. With an authentic and delicious alternative, they can still enjoy this kind of food and do not have to eliminate it from their menu.

The high consume of fish and seafood causes tremendous environmental problems like overfishing and miserable animal conditions in live stock farming, but also health problems for humans due to antibiotics, microplastics and mercury in the fish and seafood they eat.

Besides, our current food system is not sustainable at all. Our plant-based food can be scaled in a sustainable matter to feed the fast-growing population of the world.


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